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Best Outdoor Activities to do from Hurghada

Best Outdoor Activities to do from Hurghada

The beautiful city of Hurghada is known for the whole tourists who come to Egypt with its year-long sunshine, gorgeous activities that can be arranged on its land, and its incredible beaches which allow its visitors to enjoy the most while spending part of their vacation there. Hurghada city is locates at the side of the Red Sea and is considered a truly perfect holidaying destination especially with its location which enables its visitors to visit lots of other magnificent sites and tour around the most memorable ancient sightseeing in the Land of Pharaohs. So come on & let’s discover some of the most interesting outdoor activities that can be arranged from the hypnotic city, Hurghada.

  • Enjoy the best Red Sea Snorkeling

Hurghada city is known to include some of the most fascinating snorkeling spots and your tour in Hurghada won’t complete without spending a day tour in an attempt to traverse the underwater world of the Red Sea in Hurghada. You will have lots of fun while checking the exceptional coral reefs of the Red Sea and enjoying the beautiful crystal water so you should definitely spend a day tour enjoying snorkeling in Hurghada City.

  • Spend an exceptional tour trying to explore the hypnotic sightseeing in Cairo & Alexandria cities

Egypt is full of some breathtaking ancient landmarks and among the most fascinating ones of them are those that are located in Cairo city that was the chosen center for the ancient Egyptians who managed to establish the best to the Egyptian civilization. You can enjoy a day tour to Giza Complex where you are going to visit the exceptional three pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menquare. You will also have a look at Giza Sphinx and tour around the magical Valley Temple. That is not all as at the same day, you can head to Cairo where you will explore the charming Egyptian Museum of Antiquities and see some of the terrific artifacts and treasures inside.

You can head to Cairo from Hurghada through so many ways and the most recommended of them are bus car or flight. If you would like to spend extra time in Cairo before getting back to Hurghada then we highly recommend heading by car from Cairo to the mesmerizing Alexandria city where there are lots of fascinating attractions and sightseeing to visit including Alexandria Library, the interesting Qaitbay Citadel, the wonderful Pompey’s Pillar, and of course we can’t forget the majestic Catacombs of Kom El-Shoqafa

  • Book a tour to Luxor City

Luxor city has a lot to narrate the awe-inspiring history of the magical era of the ancient since it was established on the place where Thebes city used to be and as it is known that Thebes was the ancient capital of Egypt during the New Kingdom and that is why there are numerous sightseeing that you can visit especially if you are in Hurghada city that takes only three hours by car to arrive at Luxor.

While being in Luxor, you will get an exclusive opportunity to visit some of the most breathtaking attractions including the Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon, Karank Temples Complex, Luxor Temple, and lots of other marvelous monuments that will allow you to know some of the most interesting facts about the great ancient Egyptian civilization.

  • Don’t miss a trip to Aswan & Abu Simbel

Another bewitching Egyptian tourist city in Egypt is the wonderful Aswan city that can be easily visited from Hurghada in a day tour which will provide you with the opportunity to visit some extra wonderful tourist sites and to know lots of facts about the ancient Egyptian culture and how the UNESCO helped a lot in relocating the majority of the Egyptian monuments as an attempt to save them from being destroyed from the Nile flood.

In Aswan, you should definitely plan to visit the gorgeous Philae Temple of goddess Isis, the High Dam, and the wonderful Unfinished Obelisk that represent part of the greatness of construction during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut. That is not all as while being there, don’t miss a visit to Abu Simbel Temples of king Ramses II who managed to build a real miracle for himself and for his beloved wife. 

  • Enjoy an exceptional Nile River Cruise from Hurghada

The most impressive way to explore all of the previously mentioned attractions in Luxor & Aswan is through boarding a 5* Deluxe Nile Cruise down the Nile River and it is a wonderful opportunity to visit the most incredible sites in Luxor & Aswan cities. You can spend 4 or 3 nights’ accommodation on the board of your Nile Cruise. If you intend to start your Nile Cruise adventure from Luxor, then you will spend 4 nights accommodation on the board of your cruise until you arrive at Aswan and then you can be transferred to Qena by car and then being transferred to Hurghada by car. Or you can do it vice versa and spend 3 night accommodation so you can decide on the option you would like to go for so that you spend the most terrific adventure in the land of Pharaohs. 

  • Enjoy a captivating Diving Excursion

You can the chance to have several dives underwater while being in Hurghada and such an excursion takes around 6 hours diving. The pleasant temperature of the water with the extraordinary beautiful coral reefs will let you spend the most wonderful time and get the most be welling experience. 

  • Don’t miss a Desert Safari by Quad Bike from Hurghada to the Eastern Desert

Among also the most exciting outdoor activities that you can enjoy from Hurghada is booking a magnificent desert Safari by quads and head to the beautiful Easter Desert where you are going to experience the mighty sand dunes and take some gorgeous pictures in front of the most exceptional sunset view with the ones you love. That is not all as you will also know some of the mysteries of the traditional Bedouin hamlet and learn a lot about their unique customs in addition to tasting their delicious food while being there. If you are an adventurer and like exploring what is beyond the ordinary, then a visit to the desert from Hurghada city will definitely amaze you.

  • Check Sinbad Submarine under the hypnotic Red Sea

You have the chance while being in Hurghada to explore the magic of the world beneath water and get the most interesting underwater adventure while boarding a Sinbad Submarine and dive beneath the Red Sea crystal water without getting wet to explore the tranquility of life beyond the wonderful waves. 

That is definitely not all about the amazing outdoor activities that you can enjoy from Hurghada and you need to check the matchless Tours from Hurghada to choose the best one that suits your taste and let you get back home with the best memories and the most wonderful experiences.

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