5 Best Souvenirs to Take Home from South Africa- Know What Locals’ Suggests!

“I love to take home souvenirs from each place I have ever visited till the date. But trust me, I have never got fooled until I decided to spend money on the “AUTHENTIC” South African keepsakes. I got to know somehow from the locals, these authentic stuffs are available in all markets of South Africa, and are actually imported; Manufactured outside South Africa! Yes, you heard it right.  So if you are going to make the same mistake as me, take a pause and go through this guide on 5 best souvenirs to take home from the South Africa tour. Pick one of your choices and gift it to your particular person.”

Let’s dive dip!

Kalahari Salt

You must have a friend in your group who is passionate about food. What can be fancier than the Kalahari desert salt for him? The salt far from any trace of pollution is utterly famous for its purity. You must get it for yourself as well if you’re thinking of some food items as souvenirs. Kalahari salt is full of rich minerals and used in salad and foods once it’s ready.

Yswara candle

Yswara candle is a soy-based candle, composed of cinnamon and red fruits. Available in all sizes, even compact to fit in your luggage, making it one of the best options for gifting a memento. Apart from making your living room aromatic, It can also be used as an oil on the skin.

Rooibos Tea

Part of the fun of vacationing is finding the exact souvenir that reminds your holiday for years to come and spoil your friends and family back home. Especially if that friend is a tea lover, what better you could get than the authentic ‘Rooibos Tea’ of South Africa. This redbush fragrant tea is caffeine-free that comes from the mountains of Cederberg. Grown and nurtured just three hours’ drive from Cape Town. It is a popular antioxidant tea among the locals.

Ostrich Eggs

Yes! You heard that right ‘Ostrich Eggs.’ You can carry the beautifully decorated Ostrich eggs to enhance the decor of your house, or gift it to close kin. These uniquely fragile souvenirs would stand emblazoned with delicately painted African scenes with fairy lights, or with hand-crafted lamps. They are mainly found at high-end boutiques around the city.


This famous South African liqueur is made from the exotic Marula fruit. If your friends or close ones like to store a collection of rare brandy, Amarula is the best choice. It is best enjoyed on the rocks. Some also prefer it with ice cream.

These were my best picks to help you out in choosing the right gift for yourself and your family or friends. If you haven’t touched the surface yet and thinking of the gateway, avail your South Africa tours from Pickyourtrail and fly out. What are you waiting for? It’s the time to pack your bags, amigo!

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