10 ways to make long drives more comfortable

10 ways to make long drives more comfortable


Traveling is fun! Long drives give you pleasure and allow you to enjoy nature’s treasures in a way that a plane cannot. Also, during long drives, you always have the option to stop the car and take a walk. You certainly cannot do it on an airplane, can you?

But then, long drives are tiring. Sitting for hours in the car takes away the joy, and you end up feeling exhausted. Until science comes up with teleportation technology, we will have to drive to go from one place to another.

What we need to figure out are ways to make long drives comfortable and fun. Worry not! Here, we have outlined some tips for you to follow on your next long drive.

Choose the right car

Having the perfect ride for a long drive is as important as getting to your destination. If you are planning a long journey, getting the right car should be the first thing you should do. A car that is fit to last on a long trip takes away half the worries.

If you are driving for more than 5 hours or up to a day, staying cramped in a small car does no good for any passengers. Not having a car that can go on a long journey is not a reason to cancel your plan. Luckily, many dealerships rent cars at affordable rates.

If you take long drives often, you can also invest in a vehicle that can become your ideal companion. Financing a car has never been this easy. There are dealerships like redline specialist cars that bring various car options to you. Not only this, these services allow you to choose from a number of payment options as well.

Get some sleep before you travel

You must get plenty of rest before any travel trip because only a well-rested mind can enjoy the trip. If you are exhausted before the start of the trip, then you will feel miserable throughout the journey. This especially goes for drivers and parents because they are the ones with responsibility during the trip.

The best time to drive is in the morning ‘after a good night’s slumber.’ If you have to move after a long day at work, make sure you take long stops in the middle or stay somewhere for the night. Doctors suggest not driving between 1 to 3 pm when our body’s temperature is low, and we tend to be drowsy.

Food and snacks to go

If you’re going to a distant destination, your goal would be to cover maximum distance in little possible time. Thinking about bathroom breaks is already worrying you because you are traveling with kids. This leaves two options, either eat in the car or make a stop for meals.

Many people pack homemade snacks to eat healthy when they are on the road. It can be a fun little picnic to stop over at scenic spots to eat and stretch your legs a bit. If you are not a fan of packing a lot of food, you can stop by a restaurant and either pick food-to-go or dine in.

Based on your average travel time and passengers traveling, you can come to a mutual consensus about eating choices. The budget also affects this decision because driving anywhere requires money for gas, etc. Some people pack a cooler full of drinks and snacks and enjoy them throughout the trip.

Plan your stops

It is always good to know your travel route and plan the pit stops before you drive. Planning helps you check the weather forecast and align other things during the trip. If you are driving to the destination for the first time, talk to people who have taken the route before to learn about the weather.

Experts suggest stopping and stretching after every two hours. You can time this based on a nearby scenic area, bathroom breaks, or mealtimes.

Ease your body

The reason you feel tired during a long drive is that your body gets stiff in one position. It is recommended to make active attempts to relax and ease all muscles in your body to stay comfortable.

Stretching your back:

During stops, stand straight and circle both shoulders together 3 to 4 times. Then, extend both arms upward and slowly arch backward. Breathe in this position for about 5 seconds and then lower your arms. You can repeat this circle a few times and ease out.

Move your legs:

Trips that go above 4 hours can increase your risk of getting Thrombosis. It is a clot that forms in the lower thigh. Ankle rolls and foot flexes are excellent exercises to perform during the ride and stops. Simply point your toes in one direction and then relax them.

Take a light walk around the car and check it for any signs of wear or tear. You can stretch away and stand on your toes and then stand back on your feet. Side-to-side tilt and a little jog will also un-cramp your legs.

Neck circles

Staying fixated in one spot can cause discomfort in your neck and shoulders. Neck circles are a light exercise to eliminate neck and shoulder stiffness. Start this exercise by tilting your head to one side and breathe out as you move your neck to the other side. Repeat these circles a few times and go very slowly.

Keep all the gadgets charged

If you are traveling a long distance, there is every chance that you are carrying all your essential gadgets like mobile, GPS, and chargers with you. However, what’s more important is to charge the batteries of your gadgets fully. If, for any reason, you couldn’t charge them before leaving, make sure that you carry portable chargers with you.

Trust us, the last thing you would want is a dead phone while you’re stuck on the road in desperate need of help.

Wear comfortable clothes

Last but not least, wear your comfiest outfit to the long drive. Make sure that the clothes are breathable and help you stretch easily. There is no need to dress to impress when you are sitting in a car for most of the day. You can change the outfit once you reach your destination and have the best time.

Now you know all the tips to make your next road trip a more pleasant journey. Share this post with your friends and family so they can have a comfortable road trip too!


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