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Top reasons for choosing Amsterdam for your next travel plan

It is right that choosing a destination for a travel plan is not as simple as it sounds. From choosing a place to booking tickets to preparing an itinerary, homework is required for all the plannings. If you are wondering to plan a trip to Amsterdam, some of the Amsterdam blogs will help you to decide why you should choose Amsterdam for your next travel plan.

Travelling to Amsterdam is always exciting for tourists because it has so many things to offer. It might difficult to find some of them anywhere in the world. Ancient architectures, culture, pleasant climate etc. make the city diverse in the world. Amsterdam is the city that can make you fall in love. A lot of travellers believes that Amsterdam is the city to be travelled for all the seasons. There is always something to do and explore when it comes to rain, wind, snow, shine etc. However, the city comes more alive in summer. A kaleidoscope transformation of the streets, canals, parks etc. can be seen.

For Endless Reasons, Choose Amsterdam for Your Next Vacation

  • Summers in Amsterdam: During warmer months, there is an endless choice of things that you can do in Amsterdam starting from the party, attending festivals, exploring canals, lounge on the beach, barbecue in parks etc. The capital of the Netherlands is the perfect destination in summer.
  • Weekend Festival Vibes in Amsterdam: For the Dutch capital, it is popularly known fact that the city goes mad when there is a festival. There are more than 300 festivals being celebrated in a year. If you are staying in Amsterdam over a weekend, you can spot the bulk of those weekend festivals happening in and around the city in summer months. From huge music and dance events to cultural carnivals to food festival, the agenda of these festivities span through all genres and tastes in Amsterdam.
  • Light Up Barbecue in Park: You must have heard that in several countries have hazy rules against barbecuing in a public place but in Amsterdam, it is totally fine to get out and light up your sausages in the park. A handy map can guide you to which parks barbecue is allowed. 
  • Enjoy Your Favorite Drink in Shine: Amsterdam is the city which is pretty cold most of the time, however, the city has done good work on drinking and dining. When the sun comes out, restaurants and bars in Amsterdam take things out for locals and tourists. Flock can enjoy their drinks in the sunshine. There are fantastic terraces brimming in most parts of the city.
  • Swim in Open and Clean Water: Dutch people are very proud of their city for having clean air and water. In the summertime, it is a common view of spotting people jumping in and having an alfresco dip at every opportunity they get. There are certain recreational areas in the city like Amsterdamse Bos, Gasperplas, Sloterplas etc. have a plethora of spots for swimming. On a hot day, you can go to the city’s urban beaches as well.
  • Enjoy Great Cinema in Outdoors: At the beginning of July to all the way to September, Amsterdam hosts a screening of some great classics mixed with new releases of cinemas. You can enjoy the celluloid outdoor experience in the backdrop of Amsterdam’s top scenic sights. All you need to do is choose a chair, get your blanket and snuggle in it to get ready to watch the great cinema. Cinema in open-air is quite popular in the city.

In a nutshell, you are free to be who you want to be in Amsterdam and can enjoy the notch up festivals, food and in streets, bars, clubs etc. Amsterdam is one of the fantastic destinations for travelers and the adrenaline rush plus the energy of localites makes every traveler get the best out of their trip.

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