Mains and Desserts You Must Try in Florence

Irrespective of whether you are a food lover or someone very picky with food, there is no way to dislike Italian cuisine. To put it mildly, we can say it is rare to find someone who will not fall in love with the aromatic smell and delicate taste of Italian food.

And some of these dishes hail from Florence

While all the Italian regions serve a unique delicacy in their variety of food, Florence, the heart of Tuscan, has medieval historical influence in their traditional staple cuisine. Below is a list of some delicious Florentine cuisines you shouldn’t leave the Tuscany capital without testing a tasting menu in a Michelin star restaurant in Florence, Italy,

Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Let’s start with the most famous and best Florentine meat, Bistecca Alla Fiorentina. The Florentine version T-bone steak comes in a large and thick size. The dish is fire-grilled, pink on the inside, and cooked over the chestnuts to get the smoky flavor. It is served with salt, pepper, lemon squeeze, and potato as a side dish. However, do not ask for any change in taste if you do not want to offend the Florence tradition.


Crostini is one of the best types of appetizers you can have in the Tuscany capital. The recipe contains small Tuscany bread pieces topped with different sauces, meat, purees, and vegetables. A crunchy Tuscany bread topped with chicken liver patty can give the traditional taste at its peak. You can also try it with different meat and cheese to taste the mix of everything.


The street food of Florence may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some like them, some not as much. But if you want to experience the cuisine of the medieval age, Lampredotto is your best option. It is a local sandwich that comes in a thinly shaped tripe. The tripe slice gets boiled in a broth, seasoned in a sandwich, or served on a plate. You can also spice it up by dipping it in red sauce or herby green.


Are you a person with a sweet tooth? Florence is one of the best places in Italy to fulfill the dessert craving. Their traditional dessert gelato is a cuisine that one will remember forever. The gelato has multiple numbers of flavors giving you a variety of options to choose from. It is served in a cone garnished with chocolate, pistachio, nuts, figs, etc.

Cornetti and Caffe

Cornetti is a typical Italian pastry that Florentines love with a cup of coffee. Florentine chefs love to stuff this with apricot jam, wild berry jam, blackberry jam, honey, and even Nutella for an exclusive traditional taste. The local people picked cornetti as the best option for breakfast- accompanied by a cup of cappuccino, macchiato, or espresso.

To conclude, whether you prefer a local shop around the street or want to experience the cuisine from restaurants, the food of Florence is always ready to give a worthwhile experience.

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