Fun Facts About Mexico to Know Before You Travel
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Fun Facts About Mexico to Know Before You Travel

What is the first thing comes in your mind when you think about Mexico? Is it their culture, tacos, dessert, and breaches? Well, that’s not all! But there are some mind-blowing fun facts about Mexico and its people.

Many of us do not know many things about Mexico and its culture and if you are one of them, then look forward to this article to learn some fantastic things about this country.

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Some Fun Facts About Mexico

There are more than 101 facts about Mexico about its food, culture, tradition, landscape, etc. Here we will share the top 50 facts about Mexico, which most of you didn’t know before:

#1 13th Largest Country in the World

It covers almost 2 million square km making Mexico the 13th biggest country in the World.

#2 The official name

Estados Unidades Mexico is the official name. It is in Spanish, and it is translated to the United Mexican States.

#3 Descendants from Ancient Civilisations

Most Mexicans are descendants’ various ancient civilizations such as Toltec, Inca, Spanish, Olmec, Africa, Zapotec, French, Aztec, and Maya.

facts about Mexico

#4 Jaguar

Mexico has a lot of jaguars which are found mainly in the southern jungles.

#5 Population

Another fun fact about Mexico is that it is the 10th populous country in the World. It has over 130 million people, and most of the people are from Spanish-speaking cities.

#6 Soft drinks consumption

The World’s most soft drink consumption is from Mexico.

#7 World’s Smallest Dog

Chihuahua is the smallest dog which is originally from the Mexican state named Chihuahua.

#8 Spanish Empire ruled here

It is a former Spanish colony that was ruled for almost three centuries. The country was under Spanish Empire from the 1500s till 1821.

#9 No Nation Language

There is no national language in Mexico. However, most people speak Spanish here. Interestingly, the number of recognized languages is 68, which the native people say.

#10 6th Biggest Electronics Industry

The country is the 6th biggest electronics industry globally after Japan, South Korea, United States, Taiwan, and China.

#11Chapultepec Park

It is known as the lungs of Mexico City. Also, it is double the size of Central Park.

#12 National Symbols

The national symbols:

  • Golden Eagle: National animal
  • Grasshopper: National arthropod
  • Jaguar: National mammal
  • Dahlias: National flower

#13 Origin of various food items

Many foods that we love to eat originate from Mexico, such as zucchini, tomato, chocolate, vanilla, chilies, avocado, and beans.

#14 Guinness World Records

One of the fun facts about Mexico is that they have some unique Guinness World Records. So, one of their records is most people dancing to Thriller by Michael Jackson.

#15 Aztecs Sacrificed their people every year from 1486 and 1502

About 1% of their population is sacrificed each year. Moreover, they do it mainly at the Chichen Itza.

Some say they do it due to their religion whereas other believes it is due to hunger.

#16 Second-Largest Catholic Population on Earth

Almost 83% of the country’s population are Catholic citizens. However, Brazil is the only country that has more Catholic citizens than Mexico.

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#17 Population of Indigenous People

About 21.5% of the total is made up of indigenous people.

#18 El Angel

The structure is situated in Mexico City that they built in the year 1900. Moreover, the monument represents independence and victory for the Mexican people.

#19 Tequila

Tequila is a very famous beverage that came from the native town name Tequila. And this town is situated in Jalisco, Mexico. Moreover, it is made from a plant called blue agave.

#20 Most traffic-congested city

TomTom, a global navigation company, stated that Mexico City has the most congested traffic.

Fun Facts About Mexico

#21 Artists and Tax

One of the fun facts about Mexico is that artists can pay taxes using their work.

#22 Pedro Lascuráin Paredes

He is the 38th President of the country who only ruled for 45 minutes in 1913.

#23 Forest Area

About 34% of the total land is covered with forest.

#24 Active Volcano

The most active volcano in Mexico is Colima. Also, the elevation of this mountain is 3,850 m.

#25 Total number of states

Mexico has 31 states and one federal district. Furthermore, Chihuahua is the biggest state and covers an area of 247,461 square km.

#26 Time Zone

They have four time zones.

#27 International airport

The international airport is the largest and busiest in Latin America.

#28 Number of theatres

It has 4th most theaters after Toronto, New York, and London.

#29 Street Food

One of the fun facts about Mexico is its street food, especially if you want to try tacos. Also, most locals suggested it try tacos from street food instead of any posh restaurants.

#30 Drinking and Driving

In most places drinking and driving is illegal. However, in Mexico, cops stop cars frequently to ask if they have been drinking. But if a driver says no, then they are free to go.

#31 Fiesta Brava

Fiesta brava is the Mexican bullfighting that is similar to the Spanish version. Moreover, bullfighting is very famous in Mexico and has been around for more than 400 years.

#32 Boxing Titles Won

Mexico holds 2nd place which has won boxing world titles. However, the United States holds first place.

#33 FIFA Football World Cup

Mexico hosted the football world cup twice in the years 1970 and 1986.

#34 Rare breed of Rabbits

Romerolagus diazi is a breed of rabbit which lives near the volcanic mountains. Also, people know them as teporingo and zacatuche.

#35 Popular Sports

The three most popular sports in Mexico are baseball. Basketball. And golf. And this is mainly due to the influence of the United States.

#36 Olmecs

Olmecs is the first major Mexican civilization and has built various cities from 1400 B.C. – 300 B.C.

#37 Mexico City build on a lake

Interestingly, people made the city over the ruins of an Aztec city known as Tenochtitlan. And the makers built this city above a lake.

#38 Oldest University

The National University of Mexico is the oldest in North America. Charles V of Spain was the founder of the university in the year 1551.

#39 Oldest Printing Press

It is the oldest in North America which was used in the year 1539 in Mexico.

#40 Surfing Sports

There are many fantastic surfing sports in Mexico, including Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum.

#41 Torreon

One of the fun facts about this Mexico City named Torreon is that they imposed fine on people who shaves using an electric razor and has makeup on while driving.

#42 Chechen Itza Pyramid

This pyramid is one of the new 7 Wonders of the World.

#43 Land of Volcano

The country has 42 active volcanoes. Also, the country is situated in the Ring of the Fire zone. Furthermore, this zone has 75% of the planet’s volcanoes and 90% earthquakes.

#44 Underwater Cave System

One of the fun facts about Mexico is that they have the largest and longest underwater cave system.

#45 Ritual Ballgame by Aztecs

Ritual ballgames are hugely popular at that time. Also, the loser used to sacrifice to God.

#46 Border between the United States and Mexico

And this is the busiest and regularly crossed international border on the planet.

#47 Tropic of Cancer

It divides Mexico into temperate and tropical zones.

#48 Has more coastline

Mexico is a few of the countries which have more coastline than the land borders.

#49 Islands

Mexico has 1365 scattered islands.

#50 Cheapest Public Transport

Last but not least among the fun facts about Mexico is that the subway has the cheapest fare, which is 5 pesos.

Short Fun Facts About Mexico

 #1 Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad is probably one of the most famous salads in the World. An Italian American chef, Caesar Cardini invents this salad in Mexico. Moreover, he created this salad in a restaurant called Tijuana.

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#2 No gifts on Christmas Day

They do not give gifts to the kids on the day. Instead, the kids need to wait till 6th January to get them. Furthermore, they do this since, at this date, Three Wise Men visited baby Jesus.

#3 In war, hornets were used as weapons by Mayans

They were very creative when it comes to military tactics. Furthermore, during battles, they used to throw hornet nests to stop the enemies.

#4 Number of airports

It is the 3rd highest number of airports on the planet, and the count is 1714.

#5 Mexican Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated on September 16. In Mexico it is called El Grito de Dolores or Día de la Independencia.

#6 The Mexican Flag

It was adopted in 1968, which represents the Aztec empire. The flag has three vertical stripes, which mean –

Left stripe: It is green and represents love, hope, and joy.

Center Stripe: It is white and represents honestly. Of course, it also means purity and peace.

Right Stripe: It is red that re[resents courage, bravery, and the people who died during the fight for independence.

#7 Religion Views

Mexico is politically liberal and welcomes all beliefs, religions, and faiths. Also, there is a law where one cannot discriminate against anyone based on race, gender, social status, religion, and sexual orientation.

#8 Villa de Guadalupe

It is the second most visited Catholic place on the planet after the Vatican in Rome.

#9 Mestizos

More than 60% of the population are Mestizos, which means they are mixed with Spanish and Amerindian blood.

#10 Archaeological sites

Has more than 30,000 archaeological sites, and new ones are often discovered.

10 facts about Mexico

#1 World’s largest pyramid is located in Mexico. Most people think the largest pyramid is in Egypt, but it is in Puebla, the pyramid of Cholula. Moreover, the base is 400 meters, its height is 66 meters, and the total volume is 4.5 million cubic meters.

#2 The country has three geographical regions – the northern, the southern, and the central.

#3 It is the second city in the World that has more than 150 museums. However, the first one is London who has 200 museums.

#4 Mexico has the most number of taxis. Moreover, the registered number of taxis is 60,000. Also, the taxi fare is a lot cheaper than most countries.

#5 We know Mexico has the most amount of soda consumptions. But they primarily consume Coca-Cola. Moreover, on average, one person consumes 163 liters of soda.

#6 It is also the most visited tourist destination in Latin America, and worldwide it is the 10th most visited country.

#7 65 million years ago, dinosaurs were wiped out from Mexico due to a meteorite. Furthermore, the meteorite hit Yucatan, which is a Mexican peninsula.

#8 Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena, a Mexican, was the one who invented the color T.V.

#9 People built the city on a lake. Also, every year it sinks about 12 cm.

#10 It has several nicknames, including Capital in Movement, City of Hope, and City of the Palaces.

Fun Facts About Mexico to Know Before You Travel

Fun Facts About Mexico Food

#1 Authentic Mexican is very healthy. Moreover, most of the dishes are highly nutritious and good for you.

#2 A lot of Mexican dishes are more than a century old. However, most of the dishes have changed their ingredients and become fusion foods. But if you trace it back, then you will see they are from Mayans and Aztecs.

#3 Interestingly, most traditional dishes have corn in them. And some of the dishes are salsas, tortillas, taquitos, tamales, and many more.

Fun Facts About Mexico City

#1 The central square, known as Zocalo, is the 2nd biggest in the World.

#2 More than 150 museums are there.

#3 25% of the population uses subways every day.

#4 You can climb nearby volcanoes.

#5 If you like historical things, then Mexico City is the best place to go for a vacation. Also, Coyoacan and San Angel have a lot of historical stuff. Moreover, in total, Mexico has 1500 historical monuments.

The Final Word

As we come to the end of our article today, we hope you know loads of unique and fun facts about Mexico. Moreover, if you plan to visit this place soon, it will be thrilling and sure you will relate to the city much more. So, do let us know how you liked the amazing facts, and leave us a comment if you have anything in mind.

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