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What you need to Know about Fenugreek

If you are like many people, you want to learn as much as you could about fenugreek before you order fenugreek leaves and seeds online. And it’s a good thing you made it to this article, as we will discuss everything you need to know about the herb, including the health benefits, interactions, and side effects.

Fenugreek is a herb that’s native to the Mediterranean region, western Asia and southern Europe. People use fenugreek leaves and seeds for different reasons, including cooking and as medicine. The herb is also used to conceal the taste of other medications, thanks to its maple syrup-like taste and smell. In this article, we will discuss the things that you need to know about this herb. This way, you will have the right kind of information as you order fenugreek leaves.

Uses and effectiveness of fenugreek leaves and seeds online

Lowers the risk of diabetes

One of the main reasons why fenugreeks are highly sought after is their ability to reduce the risk of diabetes. Some compounds in the herb can delay gastric emptying, minimize intestinal glucose absorption, boost insulin sensitivity and action, and lower concentrations of lipid-binding protein.  A three-year study revealed that people with prediabetes who took 5g of fenugreek powder two times a day before meals were significantly less likely to develop diabetes, likely because of the decrease in insulin resistance. Several studies have also shown that fenugreek can help reduce high blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

Enhances milk production and flow

Fenugreek leaves can be beneficial to lactating mothers because they have shown to increase milk production and flow. In a study, 25 women who were new mothers took three cups of fenugreek tea every day for two weeks and realized an increase in milk volume.

Improves weight loss

Fenugreek promotes the feeling of fullness, thanks to its fiber content. So, when one drinks fenugreek tea, he or she is likely to feel full and not seek more food, and those lower their caloric intake. This plays a significant role in enhancing weight loss.

Reduces inflammation 

Fenugreek can be the solution to today’s inflammation problems. A study on mice revealed that the high antioxidant flavonoid content in the herb seeds could lower inflammation.

Acts as an antacid

Those who have acidity issues can try having soaked fenugreek seeds the first thing every morning. A teaspoon of soaked seeds in the morning can relieve the acidity problem.

Aids in digestion

Since the herb is known to keep acidity at bay, it can be an excellent aid for digestion.

Boosts libido

One of the fenugreek’s old uses is to increase libido; western Asian and Mediterranean cultures have included the herb into their diets for thousands of years to improve sexual desire. And recent studies have shown that the herb may increase libido in women and men.

Menstrual cramps

Good news for ladies who struggle with cramping every month. Fenugreek has shown incredible results in reducing pain in women with painful menstrual periods.

Other potential health benefits

  • Reduce appetite
  • Balance cholesterol
  • Reduce fever
  • Soothe muscle pain
  • Maintain kidney and liver functions
  • Reduce fat mass

Side effects of fenugreek

Diarrhea is perhaps the most common side effect – but you can avoid this by starting at a low dose

Although fenugreek may pass into the breast milk, studies show that it is safe for mother and child when used in moderation. The US FDA rates fenugreek as safe, but it’s a good idea to talk to a doctor before taking any herbal treatments.

Fenugreek can cause urine, breast milk, and sweat to smell like maple syrup. And as we mentioned earlier, it can pass to the baby. So, you want to notify your doctor about your fenugreek use, so that he or she doesn’t misdiagnose your child with maple syrup urine disease.

Where to buy fenugreek leaves and seeds online

Fenugreek is a common herb that you can purchase in different grocery or healthcare stores or even online. However, it’s essential to do your research to ensure you are getting quality products from a trusted dealer. A good background check will help you identify the right dealer.

How to take fenugreek

Fenugreek is available in different forms – it can come as seeds, leaves, tea capsules, or even supplements. They are also available in powder and liquid tincture form. Your dosage will depend on a range of factors, including health status, age, and weight – but you can work with your herbalist or doctor to determine the right individual dosage.


Fenugreek is an Ayurveda, and like others in its class, it has a plethora of health benefiting ingredients. People use the leaves and seeds in a range of ways to tackle some of the severest if ailments and also resolve some day to day problems like constipation, menstruation, loss of appetite, and upset stomach.

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