5 Best Animated Travel Movies of All Time

Imagine as a teenager or young adult adores superheroes or Disney princesses to begin. Watching movies could be an alternative for the younger generation to relax or vacation. 

There are many genres of movies such as travel, action-comedy, biography, crime, thriller, war, etc. One of the trendy genres among younger people is travel movies. What makes it interesting? Is it fun? Thrilling? Adrenaline? Slice of Humor? Or Sarcastic? 

You can easily find the most fantastic resources about variation, fun, and engaging animation channels on Breadnbeyond. Why Is Animation Important? It plays a massive part in movies because it creates a simple 3D and 2D imagination for your audiences. On the same level, travel movies have elements in them. 

Travel movies are a genre of a film based on a beginning type of travel documentary that serves as an experimental film. There are so many best-animated travel movies that could make you travel worldwide. 

Want to know more about travel movies? It is not research-based but a personal pick. Here are 5 Best Animated Travel Movies of All Time, 

Genre :  Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, 

  Thriller, Western, Animation for Kids

Categories :  Documentary, Animation, Games, Education

The Lion King (1994) 

Genre : Action, Adventure

Categories : Animation for Kids, Musical.

This movie is carried by Jeffrey Katzenberg, Roy E. Disney, and Peter Schneider on a plane to Europe to promote Oliver & Company in 1988. There are conversations to set the story in Africa when they are on the plane. Katzenberg agreed to add effects like coming of age and death to make the film more alive. 

In this film, characters in animation studied real-life animals for reference, like Bambi. The animator visits the real zoo to sketch before diving into applications such as a 3D computer. In this movie, too, the animator needs to draw in the complete form of animals to make it real before animating it.

Why is this movie suitable for refreshing? 

This movie combines education and history with animation to make it fresher to educate young people to experience the wildlife for the first time. It makes you feel the trip to South Africa or any Sub-Saharan sooner.  

Is it safe to travel to South Africa?

Yes. In South Africa, you can meet a variety of wild animals coming from different shapes (whales, lions, zebras, etc). This is several place fits for you to spot on for holiday ; South Africa’s Stellenbosch – Red Wine Lovers, City of Animals – Cape Town, The waterfront town of Knysna, and small town of Hermanus – Whales

Coco (2017) 

Genre : Mystery, Adventure

Categories : Animation for Kids, Musical.

The roadmap of this story is a child (Miguel) who has Mexican heritage and has a problem with his musical background when his family banned his will to become a musician like his idolize (Ernesto de la Cruz) – desperate to show his talent. Miguel dives into the death world and finds his family secrets. 

Sounds Interesting, Right? It’s a good combination for holidays, especially Mexican Celebrations. According to DECIDER, Coco is celebrating El Día De Los Muertos (The Day Of The Dead). This event focused on honoring the loved ones who’ve passed. 

The idea of the animation of this movie is magical and full of color. They are using the background of building Saint Cecilia based on Mexican inheritance. 

The whole image of Coco is magical and elegant, with a vibrant explosion of color. 

What makes this a good travel movie? 

It tells you the story of family and Mexican history. It’s a good cup of tea for holidays, especially family holidays in the summer makes you wanna visit mexican. 

Are there any other possibilities that we could visit Mexico as soon as possible?

Absolutely. Mexico has sun-kissed beaches, ancient history and fiesta (parties everywhere) throughout the year which are good holidays for family or couples. 

Hidden Beach, Islas Marietas, Mexico ranked 3rd followed by Playa Paraiso, Riviera Maya ranked 7rd and Hidden Beach, Islas Marietas ranked 9rd as the most beautiful beaches in the world because of its history behind it (sources : Forbes).  It’s a good spot for photos and tanning. 

Ratatoullie (2007) 

Genre : Mystery, Adventure

Categories : Animation for Kids, Musical.

Hungry? Food-Lover? Want to travel to know more about french food and watch the beautiful love city? 

Ratatouille could be the answer and it has a background in travel food movies which teach you about french cuisine. The plot in this movie is a mouse (Remy) who has an incredible talent for food, especially french. 

Furthermore, Remy found a friend who could help him fulfill his destiny to become a chef. Not to mention that you will also experience the beauty of the Eiffel and travel the streets of Paris.

The concept of this movie is a romantic and luxuriant vision of Paris. The food concept also made it look like a delicious Ratatouille based on CGI. 

The filmmaker also consulted with Gourmet Chef from France and US; even the animator attended the cooking class in the San Francisco area to know the mechanism of a professional kitchen.  

Why is it an exciting movie to watch?

You will watch beautiful animation based on real essential experiences of a professional kitchen, not to mention the great history of Paris. In which we can also provide you with a consultation about trips to Paris that we recommend for you. 

Why do so many movies use Paris as a beautiful city to shoot? 

Arts and Romanticism are rooted in Paris. Many famous art and music universities are coming from Paris. Romanticism art came from Paris in the 1800s even before. 

In Paris, they also have a wall of love called le Mur des Je t’aime with 250 languages written there. Montparnasse is also a tourist favorite place to have a romantic walk with beautiful restaurants or shops. Take a little walk further and take the route in rue de Rennes to explore and stop at one of the restaurants to try a delicious patisserie. Lovely, isn’t it?

UP (2009) 

Genre : Mystery, Adventure

Categories : Animation for Kids, Musical.

Tear-jerker? Touching? This movie is good for you to experience the different genres compared to the one above. In this movie, you will experience friendship or a long-lasting relationship. 

The story starts with Carl Fredricksen losing his wife and meeting Boy Scout Russell. Their journey starts to find the place of paradise that fits with his wife’s dreams. 

These movies are shown in 3D and 2D, focusing on modern animation. The design is triumphant and full of color with simple basic conversation.

In the end, Carl could release the memories with his wife on the island (Paradise Falls) and continue the journey with Russell. Furthermore, these films also give you adrenaline and visitation to the plateau in Venezuela and South America. 

Which Venezuela has the best views?

Tops falls like in the up movies have the best views especially the rainfalls. The best views will give you the rain from above. 

MOANA (2016) 

Genre : Mystery, Adventure

Categories : Animation for Kids, Musical.

Beach-lover? Sea Ocean? Great-View of Sunset or Sunrise?

A refreshing and Eye-catch film called Moana could be the one. The story starts to take us back to ancient Polynesia in New Zealand, with Moana as the adventurous girl who wants to persuade the demi-god (Maui) to restore the goddess’s heart, Te Fitti. After the harvest fails, the fish on her island start to die.

In the end, it takes the gorgeous beaches of New Zealand as the background. We can’t argue that the view is remarkably stunning in New Zealand. 

Why New Zealand and Polynesia as the Background?

New Zealand ranked as the top 5 safest places to live in, visit, or holiday in the world and has lovely places to visit. Why? 

Filmmakers too often used New Zealand to shoot movies such as Lord of the Rings with hobbit doors. The green hills, majestic mountains, and breathtaking landscapes as the view makes you don’t want to leave the place. 

Take a route on Bay Island – you will see the astonishing beauty and rich history of subtropical hills. You would also see seafront lovers who beautifully walk side by side in which you could talk to Maori people there. Take watch whales, or sea turtles.

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