The most epic mountains in the world

From mountains that separate countries and define landscapes to mountains that have a unique world of biodiversity and their own weather systems, they make us stop and stare. These amazing geological formations are awe-inspiring and every mountain is recognized for its own uniqueness. If you want to enjoy and admire the tremendous beauty of the world’s most beautiful mountains, you don’t need to be a professional climber. You can access a tour bus or a cable car to reach the highest peaks on the planet and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the mountains. 

In this blog, we have picked up and listed some of the most beautiful mountains around the world.

From looming granite peaks, diverse vegetation to the spectrum of lush and fame sunrises, Mount Huangshan has it all. It is considered to be the loveliest mountain in China. The title clearly signifies that there are countless artists and writers who are inspired by this beautiful mountain. It features 72 pictures and all of them rise 3280 feet above the sea level. Trust me it actually seems like a dream place when it is covered with clouds. This mountain is known for being the most popular tourist attraction by a UNESCO World Heritage site

  • The Matterhorn in Valais, Switzerland

Do you like having a thrill ride in Disneyland? What if the Matterhorn in Valais offers it to you? The mountain is located in the Pennine Alps between Italy and Switzerland and is popular for its unique pyramid shape. Remember that Toblerone chocolate bars? Exactly! The Matterhorn stands 144620 feet above the sea level and is the 10th highest mountain in Switzerland. 

  • Vinicunca in Cusco region, Peru

When people hear Peru, the first thing that comes into their mind is Machu Picchu but let me tell you Vinicunca Kannada is one of the most difficult tracks to reach its peak. The mountain is located in the Ausangate mountain region of the Peruvian Andes at a height of 20944 feet. The best part is that Vinicunca is called a rainbow mountain boasting stripes of vibrant and different colors, which enhances its beauty.

  • Stetind in Nordland, Norway

Stetind is known as Norway’s national mountain which is in anvil shape and is situated at 593 feet above the sea level. Thanks to its incredible views of surrounding mountains, sea and the fjord that it has become a famous destination for climbers. The mountain is made of solid granite and is the biggest natural obelisk in Europe. Because of the shape of this beautiful mountain, it is also called god’s anvil

  • Mauna Loa in Hawaii

Are you one of those who don’t just want to lay on the Hawaii beaches? Mauna Loa is where you need to go. Often called Long Mountain in Hawaiian, it is the world’s largest active volcano which has erupted nearly 40 times since 1831. The mountain is set at an estimated height of 33000 feet above the sea level. It is a 75-mile long shield and is characterized by its amazing rolling slopes Blackrock and rugged terrain. If visiting Hawaii, do not forget to check out Mauna Loa

  • Kirkjufell in Grundarfjordur, Iceland

Are you a game of thrones fan? If yes, then you must recognize Kirkjufell from season 6 and 7. Being one of the most photographed mountains, Kirkjufell is located on the Iceland snæfellsnes peninsula. The Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall is quite attractive and shows hilarious natural beauty. As the mountain resembles a church steeple, it is often called as Church Mountain. The best thing about this mountain is that it is known for its stark contrast in the winter and lushness in the summer

  • Mount Everest, India

Mount Everest is the highest mountain on earth, situated at a height of 8,848 meters. This epic mountain is located on the Nepal-Tibet border. It is the attraction site for all levels of climbers, whether it is experienced mountaineers or novice climbers. They are ready to pay a substantial amount of money to enjoy a successful climb. To be honest, climbing Mount Everest is the dream of thousands of climbers. 

  • Kala Patthar, Nepal

Are you one of those who do not have enough courage to try Mount Everest, then you should definitely go for Kala Patthar, that offers an insane view of the Everest. The place is best for those photographers who always wanted to capture the world’s tallest mountains. The height of this beautiful mountain is 18519 feet above sea level. 

I hope this blog was enough to tell you about some of the most epic mountains around the world. All of them are unique in their own way. So if you plan to go for mountain climbing, you must try these awe-inspiring mountains that would definitely give you a lifetime experience.

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