Some of the Best India’s Most Exclusive Hotels

India is a land of many palaces and royal buildings. There are also some expensive hotels to stay or enjoying your evening with your friends and family. In our India, most of the hotels may have some heritages from the past over many years. Those heritage hotels offer most professional services to their visitors. The sophisticated service of the expensive hotels will give you lifelong memories to you. In India, one can see a dozen of expensive hotel around the whole country. The hotels are very much popular among people who visit those hotels. Now I will discuss about some of the India’s most luxurious hotels in detail and their special services. 

Top Expensive Hotels Of India

There one can notice many hotels and very much expensive to stay. To the all-expensive hotels in the India and the hotel’s special features, here is a brief note about them.

1. The Oberoi Amarvilas:

It is one of the top most expensive hotels of India. This hotel situated in Agra. The view of the hotel is no less than a royal palace. The rooms, the decoration, and all the other services will completely satisfy your requirement. One can see the Taj Mahal from the hotel’s room. Agra is a very beautiful place to see the natural sides of the place. To stay in this hotel, you will have to pay 2 lacks and 50 thousands rupees for each day. 

2. Taj Lake Palace:

This beautiful hotel situated in the middle a lake. It is an ideal place for your holidays and trip. The outer view of the hotel is just awesome. It is a perfect place to get married with your partner. In addition, one can go to the hotel to celebrate their special day in your life. The mail attraction of this palace is beautifully design architecture, interior design with latest trendy furniture. This can easily amazed guests with its boldness. 

3. Taj Lands End:

In Mumbai city, this expensive hotel is exactly stand beside the Bandra fort. The large rooms of the hotel and the awesome services from the hotel will compel you to visit the hotel again. Only the rich people can visit or stay in this luxurious hotel. Most of the people who visit to Mumbai, they stay Taj Land End as it is the proper place to stay. 

4. Rambagh Palace:

In jaipur, this royal palace can found and one of the most expensive hotels in India also. This hotel is the former residence of maharaja of jaipur. The charges 6 lacks for per night. The awesome decorated rooms will stuck to stay more days within the hotel. The whole atmosphere of this royal palace will give the memories for your entire life. 

5. Taj Mahal Palace And Tower:

This is the first luxuries hotel in India, which found in Mumbai. The structure of this hotel is quite similar to the British houses. The exact location of the hotel is in front of the Apollo Bandar. If you want to stay in this hotel or dream to experience all the luxuries things then you have to pay 1 lack 70 thousand rupees for each day.

5. The Oberoi:

This hotel offers their visitors to see the view of the city within remaining in the room. This is another most beautiful creation of the Mumbai city. The hotel charges three lacks for everyday.  This hotel mesmerizes you with its nostalgic beauty. 


So here, I give a short list of some of the best expensive hotels in India. The hotels are best in their own feature and services that they provide their guests.

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