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Place to Visit in Bali: Top Travel Destination at the Island

It is tough when you have to make an itinerary of the best places to visit in Bali in 6 days or less. Bali is a place that has so much to offer that you simply cannot confine it to one trip. But since our vacations are always time-bound, you need to know what each place to visit in Bali offers. So, here we have gone ahead and shortlisted some of the best places you can visit on your next vacay to Bali, Indonesia! Scroll down to know them all!

Place to Visit in Bali

Here we have made it a little easier for you to plan your first trip to Bali so that you experience the best.

So, let us check out what each place to visit in Bali tells you:

Ubud – The Nature’s Paradise

Ubud is a must place to visit in Bali to get the complete package of nature and culture both. You can view through the vast paddy fields, huge temples, some exciting museums and enthusiastic street dance performances. Go through some of the Bali tourism images and you’ll be in absolute amaze. A few things you can do is try exploring the scenic beauty on a bike ride. Or take a stroll around the Tegallalangs that are terraced rice fields. Don’t miss out on encountering the herons at Petulu and even visiting the mansions made out of bamboo. Also, visiting the Monkey Park and taking tours on elephants to go on a firefly tour. There is so much you can do at Ubud that’ll be the greatest start to your visit to Bali.

Lovina – The Black Sands

When you’re at the Lovina beach in Bali, you’ll notice the spread of black sand over the area of around 5 miles. It is surrounded by numerous small villages and is quite a peaceful place to visit. When you want to take a break from the hustling sound of all the tourist attractions in the Southern part, this place will give a relaxing feeling.

The sea is calm and if you love some water sports like scuba diving or snorkeling, Lovina beach is the place to visit in Bali. Also, don’t miss out on watching the friendly dolphins. If you want to ease out your muscles, a lovely warm spa will do the work for you. Do pay a visit to Banjar to have a look at the hot water spring. And don’t miss going to the Kubu Lalang Hotel for some spearfishing.

Lake and Mount Batur – Majestic Views

The Mount Batur gives your eyes a pleasure with the dramatic landscape it has. You can also call it the Kintamani volcano. You get a splendid view of 13 square kilometers of caldera. Also, a very beautiful and serene lake covers most of the caldera. To every visitor, it is a pleasure you can give to your eyes.

Apart from giving your eyes the majestic views, you can go swimming into the hot springs, visit the Pura Ulun Danu Batur and stay around the caldera present in the mountains. Also, don’t miss out on a bike ride through all the old villages to get a glimpse of the primitive living of Indonesia. If you are fit enough for a trekking, try reaching the peak just before sunrise to experience the inexpressible beauty.  And don’t forget to munch on some lovely breakfast right in the volcano.

Nusa Lembongan – The Serene Beauty

When you enter the Nusa Lembongan island, you’re sure to forget all the honking of cars and hustling sounds of the city. Simply let yourself enjoy the turquoise blue water on the coral island that is mushroom-shaped. It is basically located in the southeastern part of Bali.

Some of the interesting things you can do on this island are:  start surfing at the Mushroom Bay or try out some water sports. Some of the water sports you can try out are snorkeling, cruise ride, or surfing. Stroll around all the seaweed farms and live in a beach you only read in your books and saw pictures of on television. Also, don’t miss out on a boat ride to the Mangrove Park and experience the calmness.

The Sanur Beach – The Tree Streets

If you are someone who loves to experience the authentic village area filled with the cultures of Indonesia then the Sanur Beach is the place to visit in Bali. It is far away from all the changes in the ghoulish world. It homes some of the most important places to see when in Bali. You’ll find a lot of museums and temples present there that preserves the history of its place for years.

Some of the things you can try doing at the Sanur beach is kite flying, kite and windsurfing, kayaking, parasailing, a boat ride to the glass bottom, and fishing. But you simply cannot compare the views of the sunrise when on the beach and of course, tracking the starfishes during low tides. Once you are done tracking, don’t forget to put them back!

The Kuta Beach – The White Sand Paradise

Another happening place in Bali, Indonesia is the Kuta Beach. If you want to stir up your tastebuds with some delicious seafood while seeing the exotic beauty of the sunset melting on the white sands, then you must visit this place. You can visit all of this at the cafes located at the beachside. It has been a go-to short vacay destination since it was renovated way back in the 1970s. Some of the fun things to do when at the exotic place to visit in Bali, is to watch the 3D art trick done at the Dream Museum Zone. Other sights like visiting the Ground Zero Memorial or taking vintage rides in a cruise style or getting wet at the Circus Waterpark. Or watching a Kuta Theatre at the Kuta Sea Turtle Conservation site. All these will simply give you memories to cherish all your life.

The Pura Luhur Uluwatu – Exotic Ganesha Statues

If you want to visit an interestingly happening place in Bali then the Pura Luhur Uluwatu will surely be the one! As you enter be sure to be in some surprising hosts to welcome you. Are you thinking who are these special hosts? Well, we are talking about monkeys! Yes, they literally beg for food from each of the Bali visitors. And also, some dancing shows in the evening will give you a glimpse of how cultural the people of Bali are. This place oversees the sea from a very steep cliff made out of limestone. When you take a look over the cliff, it’ll feel like a throne looking over the empire.

Some of the things you must do is: Start off from the sunset view from the cliff, then a performance of the Kecak dance, a tour through the traditional gateway designs and of course, the Balinese architecture and sculptural designs.

Finally, don’t miss out to dine at the Jimbaran Beach taking an impressing view of the sunset. Another, very interesting thing is they celebrate their anniversary in every 6 months. So, plan your itinerary around the 210-day Pawukon cycle calendar to get the best of this happening place in Bali.

Tanah Lot – The Sea Temple

The Tanah Lot Temple is a must visit among all the seven sea temples present. You will find it to be placed on a huge-sized rock and is one of the best places to visit in Bali. If you want to see the exotic side of Bali then you must visit this place to click some lovely pictures to add to your album.

You can click a lot of pictures and stroll peacefully along the seashore. If you love tanned skin, then a sunbathe can be a great thing to do here. And of course, dining locally will give you the best experience of the Balinese cuisine. With such a lot happening don’t forget about swimming and surfing in the sea!

The Seminyak – South West Bali Coast

If your search is about knowing the best places to visit Bali in 6 days then you simply cannot miss out Seminyak. It is situated at the southwestern Bali coast and known for its five-star cuisine, luxurious hotels, and very expensive boutiques. If you want a great panoramic adventurous trip then you have to spend time in this exotic place. You can give your muscles a relaxation through some massaging and view the extraordinaire sunset. Indulge in some pool parties, go shopaholic, click pictures at the Bali Trick Art Gallery, and don’t forget surfing at the sea. Also, if you want to give your trip a religious touch, pay a visit to the Pura Petitenget Temple. And if you are looking for a happening place in Bali, don’t miss The Rock Bar. The cocktails they serve are simply amazing!


The Mount Agung – Highest Peak

If the spiritual aspects of life interest you, then your visit to Bali itinerary list must-have Mount Agung on it. It is a very famous spot spiritually but apart from knowing that it is also the highest peak. Mount Agung is a very renowned and respectable peak that is covered with clouds and mists at all times. It has a never-ending serene and calm beauty that amplifies itself during sunrise. The beauty is just like what the storybooks displayed when we were kids. You cannot compare or explain the exotic beauty through words. Only a picture through your eyes and the album in your heart will remember this beauty.

If you love rock climbing or trekking then you must get geared up to this activity to the Mount Agung. There isn’t much activity you need to do here, but simply enjoy the beauty at dawn.

Tulamben – Adventurous Thrills

If you want to visit another happening place in Bali, Indonesia, then there is no other place to visit than Tulamben. Bali is filled with some exotic and serene beaches but they are all different from each other. If you want to go and see a world beyond the surface and something you have never witnessed before, go underwater diving.

You will witness some astonishing shipwreck remains under the sea that begins at the Tulamben. And when you come to Pemuteran there is a huge rock reef that is the biggest of all. This is a place that homes divers of all kinds and levels. But we advise you to go diving in these places during the months that are dry. Another place you must not miss going to is the Nusa Penida Island that is loaded with some exotic beauty. If you’re still wondering about some things to do here, well enjoy your surfing the most. Do visit all the bio rocks and watch all the remains of the shipwreck. Capture each and every detail in your camera to look back upon these memories later.

The Nungnung Waterfall – Some Exotic Views

If you are looking for a place to visit in Bali to give your nerves some relaxation then you must pay a visit to the Nungnung Waterfalls. It is almost 900 meters above sea level and surrounded by lush green forest. If you are a nature lover then you must pay a visit to this beautiful waterfall. It basically lies between two places Ubud and Bedugul. Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture the exotic beauty you watch here. But if you are a swimmer and loves to stay in water, this isn’t a great place to do so. However, Bali has numerous other beautiful beaches to show your swimming skills. But the 500 steps in a row will leave you in amaze even if you don’t go up the stairs.

Final Thoughts

The list tells you each and every exotic place to visit in Bali. However, there are many more places you must visit but do start planning your itinerary with the ones mentioned above!

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