Flamingo Beach Aruba Hotels and All Inclusive Packages
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Flamingo Beach Aruba Hotels and All Inclusive Packages

Flamingo Beach Aruba is one of the gorgeous beaches you can find in the Caribbean. If you’re looking for a private holiday destination for a week or two, Flamingo Beach Aruba can be an option. This particular beach is unique from the other beaches from every angle.

Can you imagine yourself relaxing on a beach that super cute flamingos surround? Or imagining playing beach volleyball under the bright and warm sun or getting the most relaxing spa treatment of your life?

You probably think that there is no way you can avail all of these luxurious experiences at once. We assure you that your thinking is going nowhere. If you go to Flamingo Beach Aruba, all of the above could come to life.

Today in this article, we will tell you about Flamingo Beach Aruba everything you need to know before booking a flight ticket to Aruba. Finish reading this space, and we’re sure you’ll be preparing to conquer the world of flamingos.

Renaissance Island Aruba

Read on to know everything about the Renaissance Island Aruba:

1. Home of flamingos

Aruba has two private beaches, and both of them are present on Renaissance Island. That makes Renaissance Island the only residence of Aruba’s beaches. This island is also called the home of flamingos.

2. Exclusive beach

This private island is not available for everyone. Those who are guests of Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino can only have access to this particular island.

The guests can enjoy the island from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

3. Water taxis

It would be best if you had a ride to go to the Renaissance Island Aruba from the hotel. The water taxis are available there, and they leave every 15 minutes from Renaissance island. Moreover, you can get back on the same ride from the island.

4. Complete entertainment

There are some gorgeous private beaches of Aruba on Renaissance Island, and lots of flamingos live there. This island itself is complete in every possible way. There are so many fun activities you can think about, like taking a spa or just soaking yourself in the hot sun.

5. Day pass

All you need is a pass to spend an entire day on Renaissance Island, and that will cost you not more than 125 dollars per head. At this price, you will get lunch for one and a cocktail at Papagayo Bar and Grill. However, you can also try out the Mangrove Beach Bar if you wish to, as it is an option.

6. A romantic getaway

Renaissance Island is not only considered a perfect holiday destination. Moreover, it’s also an excellent location for a romantic honeymoon gateway. People can also organize marriage ceremonies there. And there is a Coral Beach where a pair in love can utter their wedding vows.

Renaissance Island Aruba

Flamingo Beach Aruba Cabana Rental

If you’re planning a vacation on the Flamingo beach with your group of friends or colleagues, then you think about enjoying the other beach activities besides watching the flamingos.

So, an excellent option to try is, renting a cabana for a whole day. You will get certain privileges by renting a cabana like yummy snacks, sparkling wine, excellent butler service, water rides, and much more. All you need is a reservation which comes for $370 for a full day.

However, the cabanas on the flamingo beach are only allowed for the grownups. So the kids need to take the backseat in this. Also, it may not be safe and appreciated for the kids.

Flamingo Beach Aruba Hotel Options

The flamingo beach exists to give you the ultimate pleasure and takes your mind off things for a while. To enjoy some time with nature, you will need comfortable accommodations. However, you don’t have to worry about that because your well-being will be cared for by the authorities.

And, of course, they won’t compromise your security and safety at any point. The water taxis are always ready to take you to the beach within minutes, and you can watch the flamingos wandering on the island. At the Spa Cove, you can take a spa if you like, or there’s a casino where you can test your luck if you’re feeling lucky.

Check out the two best options we’ve come up with:

Renaissance Marina Hotel

Only adults can stay at Renaissance Marina Hotel. Kids are not allowed there. If you’re going there to have a romantic honeymoon, this can be perfect for you because this is an ideal opportunity to spend a wild night on the island.

This hotel consists of 297 beautiful rooms, which are now newly improved. The renovated rooms give you the calm and true Aruban essence. Moreover, the hotel also offers games of poker at their two casinos.

If you’re searching for an opportunity to wear off all the toxic experiences of the outside world, then consider yourself very lucky. Every room in Renaissance Marina Hotel comes with a balcony. The couples can enjoy the beautiful landscapes from their hotel rooms just by looking over the balcony.

Renaissance Ocean Suites

Renaissance Ocean Suites offer you a one-bedroom suite. No matter whether you’re going solo or as a couple or with family, you’d be in an excellent mood while enjoying the view. Also, the suites offer the best spa treatment available.

While staying in the suites, you can easily access the private beaches where the flamingos await you. Also, you can go to the pool, bar, and restaurant anytime you want.

All of these come with a price you can afford. So, you can make yourself at home using all the equipment you need. The kids can enjoy themselves at the kid’s club, and the adults can go to the casino or take a water rider to get to the flamingo beach.

Aruba beach

About the Flamingo Beach Aruba all inclusive Packages

These days your vacation at the Flamingo beach is getting more and more enjoyable. The all-inclusive package deals will help you to unwind in a whole new way.

The Marina Hotel and the Ocean Suites both have excellent accommodations. Moreover, the guests who buy the optional all-inclusive package enjoy certain benefits, which are:

  1. The guests get a 15 percent discount if they choose to have the spa treatment
  2. The Renaissance-operated outlets offer frozen drinks on demand
  3. The Renaissance-operated outlets offer daily buffet lunches and dinners
  4. You can have unlimited access to the Patamingo kids club
  5. You will get free internet and free access to the parking lot
  6. Umbrellas, chairs, and towels, whenever necessary, will be provided to you
  7. Endless fun activities like scuba diving with experienced scuba instructors
  8. Access to the pools with towels, chairs, and umbrellas
  9. Tight security to ensure your safety
  10. Access to the nearby gift shops
  11. Free food delivery to your room

Some of these mentioned activities may cost you extra money. In that case, don’t forget to check out the list given by the authorities before ordering any of them.


Guideline for Flamingo Island Aruba

In recent times, the flamingo island in Aruba has become quite famous. The flamingos are living on the island, give or take 15 long years. But now, they have taken over social media pages, and people are getting crazy over them.

Are you planning to visit the flamingo island? Then you need to read the information we collected about the “flamingo beach Aruba’.

While planning to visit Aruba, seeing the flamingos must be your top priority, or maybe it is one of those things on your to-do list.

Here we made a list of what activities you’d like to do on this flamingo island. You can’t just walk into the island and start roaming instantly. So to help you, we are making a guideline. If you follow this guideline, you can have your visit without any problems. Check them out:

1. The exact location of the flamingo island

As we mentioned earlier, the flamingos are not to be seen everywhere in Aruba. They can only be seen in Renaissance Island, which also goes by the name of the flamingo island. However, don’t confuse yourself with the Iguana Beach.

Even if you stay in the Renaissance Aruba Resort, you’d need a ride to reach the flamingo island. The water taxis are available right there, and it will just take only seven to eight minutes to go there.

When you reach the island, you’d be looking for the particular section where all the flamingos are roaming.

2. How to get access to the flamingo beach

The access to the “Flamingo Beach Aruba” depends on where you’re staying. If you decide to stay at the Renaissance Aruba Resort, you’ll automatically get access to the beach. Just lock your room, go to the hotel lobby and wait for your ride.

If you do not check-in as a guest in the Renaissance Resort, then don’t worry. You’d get a chance to visit the flamingos. For beginners, you need to buy a pass. But this could be a little more complicated because the number of tokens is limited. So it would be best if you hurry before the time runs out.

3. Relaxing spa treatment available at the flamingo beach

Not many people know that there is a Spa Cove on the island. If you buy a spa package, you will get access to the beach for free. So if the passes get sold out, don’t be disappointed.

However, the spa package at Okeanos Spa can be very costly. But soothing Swedish massage and other relaxing treatments they offer make it worth it.

4. Other fun activities

It is also possible that you may not necessarily want to see the flamingos. In that case, there are other activities you can still enjoy. Choose your favorite spot on the beach and relax. Another thing you may try out is a rental cabana!

5. Foods are available from the nearest bar and restaurants

Bringing snacks from outside is not allowed by the authorities here. You can always buy food from the great restaurants which have maintained their reputations over the years.

The Mangrove Beach Bar is near the flamingo beach. So, if you get hungry by chasing the flamingos or get a bit tired, the snacks and the cocktails in this bar will charge you up in no time. You’d be good as new. The bar remains open from 11.30 in the morning to 3.30 at noon daily.

6. Take pictures with the wild flamingos

They may be free and lively creatures but not so photogenic. The best way to take a picture of them is to give them treats. Eventually, they will come towards you.

But you have to remember that there’s no need to chase the flamingos. You might scare them far away. Instead, let them come to you. When they come near you, stay calm and take a picture quickly.

Flamingo Beach Aruba

Final Thoughts

As you have come to the end of the article, we suggest you start packing your bags. If you want to spend the summer under the bright sun of Aruba, book a flight ticket immediately and get a reservation for the hotel rooms.

Booking your rooms early is vital as the rooms fill up quite fast here!

And if you’re worried about the pandemic or COVID, don’t worry! The authorities are maintaining the protocols well! All you would have to do is whatever it takes to keep yourself safe! And you are good to go!

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